Karbi Translation Team

Welcome to GNOME Karbi Translation Team

. Karbi has very limited vocabulary. So translation is not easy.
. Any questions is welcome.

. Translation be done in simplistic and easy to understand, uncomplicated sentence.
. Try to translate without changing the context.
. Translate message that can only be translated.
. If there is no equivalent/similar message(s)/word(s), leave as it is.
. If message cannot be translated, leave as it is.
. Be cautious when translating certain words like Yes/No/True/False/Not etc. They are fuzzily defined, ie- Ahok(Yes/True) and Kali(No/Not/Untrue) and others words.
* Not to use import word from other communities (& languages).

Karbi (mjw)

Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1)


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