The GNOME Project Translation Platform

Damned Lies is the Web application used to manage the localisation (l10n) of the GNOME project.

Contribute by creating an account and become a member of a translation team in one of your mother tongue or a language you master.


GNOME Translation Teams, with full information such as primary contact (coordinator), web pages and mailing list information. If there is no team for your language, you can easily start your own team.


Languages with Translation Teams. Some teams manage more than one language (usually just simple variants), and here you can see all the languages GNOME is being translated to.


Examples of release sets are “GNOME Infrastructure” or “GNOME 43”. Official GNOME release sets are further divided into categories such as “Desktop Applications” and “Developer Platform”. Look here if you want to compare language support in any of these release sets.


Modules are separate libraries or applications, with one or more branches of development included. They are usually taken from the Git repository, and we keep all relevant information on them (GitLab details, web page, maintainer information…).