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Yuri Konotopov
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POT file (47 messages — 329 words) — updated on 2017-11-19 3:20 p.m. +0000

LanguageTranslated Graph
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
100%     47            
Croatian (hr)
100%     47            
Czech (cs)
100%     47            
Danish (da)
100%     47            
Dutch (nl)
100%     47            
Galician (gl)
100%     47            
German (de)
100%     47            
Hungarian (hu)
100%     47            
Indonesian (id)
100%     47            
Italian (it)
100%     47            
Polish (pl)
100%     47            
Serbian (sr)
100%     47            
Slovak (sk)
100%     47            
Spanish (es)
100%     47            
Swedish (sv)
100%     47            
Catalan (ca)
 95%     45     2      
French (fr)
 95%     45     2      
Korean (ko)
 95%     45     2      
Russian (ru)
 95%     45     2      
Scottish Gaelic (gd)
 95%     45     2      
Occitan (oc)
 76%     36     9     2
Turkish (tr)
 70%     33     7     7
Finnish (fi)
 68%     32     8     7
Greek (el)
 51%     24     9    14
Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
 42%     20          27
Slovenian (sl)
 27%     13    21    13
Portuguese (pt)
 23%     11    12    24